Supporting Motor Skills Through Books

Engaging stories that support children’s gross and fine motor skills

Young children need, opportunities, encouragement, and support to develop their gross and fine motor skills. Books about movement are a fun way to get children moving, stretching, and dancing. These books can also inspire children to use fine motor muscles for building, drawing, and creating.

Book Cover - Let's Dance
Gross Motor Skills

Let's Dance

Written by Valerie Bolling and illustrated by Maine Diaz, this book travels around the world to show how different children move and groove.

Jazz Baby Book Cover
Gross Motor Skills

Jazz Baby

Written by Carole Boston Weatherford and illustrated by Laura Freeman, this book uses rhythmic wording to emphasize dancing and moving in time with music. 

What If Book Page
Fine motor skills

What If...

Written by Samantha Berger and illustrated by Mike Curato, this story follows a child who explores the possibilities of what our hands can create beyond paper and pencil.

Be a Maker Book page
Fine motor skills

Be a Maker

Written by Katey Howes and illustrated by Elizabet Vuković, this book shows how different tools and grips can help make ideas into real projects.

I Yoga You Book Page
gross motor skills

I Yoga You

Written and illustrated by Genevieve Santos, this story shows the ways children’s bodies move throughout the day, accompanied by simple and accessible yoga poses.
Book Cover We All Play
gross motor skills

We All Play

Written and illustrated by Julie Flett, this story features playful animals and Cree phrases as children move in ways that animals might.

ten little fingers cover
fine motor skills

Ten Little Fingers

Illustrated by Annie Kubler, this book shows children exploring how their fingers and hands can move around, and encourages children to join in.
I Can Do it Too Book Image
Fine motor skills

I Can Do It Too!

Written by Karen Baicker and illustrated by Ken Wilson-Max, this story follows a child who uses their own two hands in activities with family and friends.


Key Takeaways

Listen and move

Help children grow and sustain their focus by actively involving them in the book-reading experience. Use books that encourage children to listen and move in fun, new ways.

Connect and engage

Children will engage more around stories that connect to their interests, lives, and experiences. While reading, comment on passages that highlight connections, and ask children to share their own connections to the story.

Encourage and celebrate

Children develop their strengths and abilities differently. Encourage children to move their bodies in whatever ways they can and celebrate their efforts to try new movements.