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This library shares children’s books that can be read to foster each Core Skill. Our book recommendations feature diverse authors, illustrators, and characters. Each book is accompanied by a reading guide, which highlights ways you can engage children while also supporting a specific skill.


Books that focus on building relationships, supporting self-confidence, and fostering empathy and sense of self
young girl and toddler reading book

Building Relationships Through Books

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Two toddlers hug in a classroom

Fostering Empathy and Sense of Self

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Boy Happy with Hands in Air

Developing Self-Confidence

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Books that support young children's growing understanding of emotions and help build their executive function skills
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children listening to a story. Teacher reading story to group.

Supporting Emotions and Behaviors

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Teacher points to animal in book as baby looks on

Fostering Executive Function

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Books that focus on supporting children's motor skills, self-care, and healthy eating habits
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child painting with twigs

Supporting Motor Skills Through Books

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Supporting Self-Care and Healthy Habits Through Books

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Books that support young children's thinking skills, including imitation, exploration, inquiry, reasoning, and problem-solving
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Young boy and teacher pretending to use fake binoculars

Supporting Imitation and Exploration

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A teacher explaining her thoughts about an instrument to a toddler

Supporting Inquiry, Reasoning, and Problem-Solving

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