Supporting Name Writing With Preschoolers

A strategy that uses children’s natural interest in their own name to encourage letter writing

Children’s names are very important to them. Most children tend to learn the first letter of their name before any other letter.

Name Writing is a strategy that can be used as part of a daily sign-in routine. It can also be used as part of other daily routines, such as having children sign their artwork or adding their name to a class job list. This strategy is a great way to encourage writing – especially for children who are hesitant to write (or even draw).

Hallmarks of This Strategy

Daily Practice

Encourages children to practice writing their name daily in an authentic and meaningful way.

Get to Know Letters

Helps children recognize and form familiar letters in their own name.

Connect Letters to Sounds

Invites children to make observations between letters and the sounds they make.


Implementing a Name Writing Routine

In this lesson, we’ll cover how you can implement a Name Writing Routine effectively by:

  • Setting the stage for this routine.
  • Using the routine across the day.
  • Intentionally providing support along the way.