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The Think Core Skill

With 5 topics that support children’s thinking skills, there’s a universe of resources to explore in our Think pages.

And this skill is especially fun to support — whether through pretend play, experimentation, or solving problems!

Boy engaged with blocks with the word "Think"

New Book Collections

We're excited to introduce two new book collections related to the Core Skill, Think.
Young boy and teacher pretending to use fake binoculars

Supporting Imitation and Exploration

Young children are active learners who love to experiment, solve problems, and figure out why things happen.

This series of books is designed to foster observation and investigation skills in interesting and exciting ways.

A teacher explaining her thoughts about an instrument to a toddler

Supporting Inquiry, Reasoning, and Problem-Solving

Young children are naturally curious about the world around them. They learn through observation, exploration, and pretend play.

The books in this series are designed to support curiosity and imagination through colorful and engaging stories and illustrations.

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Foster Core Skills

Explore what children’s skills look like, and learn ways you can support them with your everyday interactions

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Explore the Strategy Library

Learn strategies you can use to support children’s developing skills across multiple domains

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Build Your Bookshelf

Find book recommendations and guides that feature diverse authors, illustrators, and characters


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