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Fostering Teacher-Child Relationships with Preschoolers

Our relationships with children matter! Explore our strategy for Fostering Teacher-Child Relationships to learn more about building and strengthening your connections with the children in your care.

Educator and child play game with straws; Text reads: Building STRONG Teacher-Child Relationships
Educator holds an infant, and they exchange a high-five

Serve and Return with Infants and Toddlers

Serve and return interactions are an effective way to build positive relationships that set the stage for future development.

Review this strategy to find out how to engage in these important interactions!

image of teacher and student smiling

Foster Core Skills

Explore what children’s skills look like, and learn ways you can support them with your everyday interactions

child giving high five to her teacher

Explore the Strategy Library

Learn strategies you can use to support children’s developing skills across multiple domains

book library

Build Your Bookshelf

Find book recommendations and guides that feature diverse authors, illustrators, and characters


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