Relate skills include building and maintaining relationships, problem-solving with others, and developing empathy and confidence. When children feel safe, valued, and connected to adults and peers, they can fully engage in learning in any setting.

Teacher smiling at older infant

Topic by Topic

Explore how you can help young children connect with adults, engage with peers, and develop their growing sense of self
Teacher playing with a turtle puppet in small group

Teacher-Child Relationships

Learn how responsive relationships help children learn and grow across all areas of development.

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Peer Relationships

As adults, we can help children to begin making connections and developing friendships.

Baby and toddler both hold onto same colorful toy

Problem Solving With Others

Learn how to empower children to solve problems and take another child’s perspective.

Two toddlers hug in a classroom

Fostering Empathy

Help children consider the abilities, needs, feelings, and perspectives of others.

Young boy excited during center time

Promoting Self-Confidence

Explore ways you can give children opportunities to try new things and take on meaningful responsibilities.

girl with hands on her hips

Developing Sense of Self

Help children develop a positive sense of self through a nurturing, and supportive environment.