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Young children’s development of early math skills includes introduction to the basic concepts of numeracy, operations, patterning, measurement, geometry and spatial sense.

Through planned activities and everyday moments, educators can invite children to explore foundational math concepts.

Toddler placing shape with 5 holes on puzzle

Topic by Topic

Explore ways you can support young children's mathematical thinking
An older infant holding a pyramid and cube building block

Early Math for Infants

Engage infants with early math concepts through reading and exploration.

number line hopping


Help children recognize quantities and the symbols that represent them.

Child using a 10-frame to add 3 and 2


Introduce concepts like adding, subtracting, and sharing fairly.

Patterning Example


Encourage children to identify, extend, and create patterns.
child stacking cubes

Geometry and Spatial Sense

Help children explore the properties of shapes and identify position in space.

A child near a kids scale with two balls in it


Encourage children to compare the length, height, and weight of objects.

early math resources - two kids holding up sign


Early Math Resources For You

Check out these additional resources designed to support young children’s early math skills. Carefully vetted by our partners at the Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program (VKRP), these resources are fun, engaging, and easy to use in any learning setting.